The Boy Who Flew With Condors (1967)

The Boy Who Flew With Condors

The Boy Who Flew With Condors (1967)

Not Rated 1967
Plot Summary:
At last...the best of Sunday night TV is back! It's the legendary TV show that's been popular with audiences for decades, and the longest running weekly prime-time series in television history. The winner of numerous awards, including seven Emmys, it's THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY! Climb aboard and soar skyward towards everyone's dream to fly. THE BOY WHO FLEW WITH CONDORS is the true-life adventure of Chris Jury, a California teenager who goes from admiring the endangered condors' flight to sailing sky-high with them. Inspired by his new friends, a sailplane instructor, a NASA test pilot and a budding glider pilot, he risks it all for airborne thrills. But to earn his wings, he'll have to navigate a dangerous storm. Will he come through with flying colors? Find out in an exciting story sure to bring out the spirit of adventure in the entire family!
Genre: Drama
Audio Languages: English
Duration: 0h 49m
Rating: Not Rated

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