Stub, The Best Cowdog in the West (1974)

Stub, The Best Cowdog In The West

Stub, The Best Cowdog in the West (1974)

Not Rated 1974
Plot Summary:
At last...the best of Sunday night TV is back! It's the legendary TV show popular with audiences for 29 years. The longest-running prime-time series in television history (1954-1983). The winner of numerous awards, including seven Emmys. It's THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY! Journey to California's picturesque Santa Inez Valley as a wild Brahma bull threatens the area's prized cattle herds. The rancher's best hopes for corralling the 1800-pound horned hooligan are three talented Australian "cow cutter" shepherd dogs -- Stub, Queen and Shorty. Stub has more than just good cow sense. He keeps a few tricks "up his sleeve" for rodeos, roundups and a daring river rescue. Hold on to your cowboy hat and try to stay in the saddle as you experience a generous slice of western adventure.
Genre: Family Entertainment
Audio Languages: English
Duration: 0h 49m
Rating: Not Rated

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