Escapade In Florence (1962)

Escapade In Florence

Escapade In Florence (1962)

G 1962
Plot Summary:
Mystery and suspense follow Annette Funicello and Tommy Kirk as they play students studying in the enchanting city of Florence, Italy. As the two find romance among the city's magnificent art and architecture, they discover that her paintings are at the center of an elaborate art forgery ring involving Florence's most treasured masterpieces. Danger soon finds them when they uncover the mastermind behind the plot and they're thrown into an ancient dungeon. It's now up to Annette to save the day, but will help arrive in time? For the first time on DVD, ESCAPADE IN FLORENCE features one of Disney's brightest stars, Annette Funicello, singing four memorable songs. Full of fun and adventure, this charmer is a must-have in your DVD collection.
Genre: Family Entertainment
Audio Languages: English
Duration: 1h 22m
Rating: G

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