Disney Good Luck Charlie: Enjoy The Ride (2013)

Good Luck Charlie: Enjoy The Ride

Disney Good Luck Charlie: Enjoy The Ride (2013)

TBD 2013
Plot Summary:
Before you can say, "Hang in there, baby," you'll fall head over heels in love with GOOD LUCK CHARLIE, Disney Channel's laugh-out-loud comedy hit! Growing up is the ultimate adventure! But in this topsy-turvy household, adorable toddler "Charlie" Duncan is the calm, steady one, while older sister Teddy (Bridgit Mendler), mom Amy and the rest of the family are constantly getting caught in hilariously sticky situations! Experience all the excitement, mischief and surprises in this "Charlie-palooza" of fun. Loaded with seven of your favorite episodes -- including the exciting series crossover dance-stravaganza "Charlie Shakes It Up" -- ENJOY THE RIDE proves there's no place like home -- as long as you're visiting the Duncans!
Genre: Disney Channel
Audio Languages: English, Spanish, French
Duration: 2h 36m
Rating: TBD

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