True-Life Adventures: Secrets of Life (1975)

Walt Disney's True-Life Adventures: Secrets of Life

True-Life Adventures: Secrets of Life (1975)

TBD 1975
Plot Summary:
The fourth in Walt Disney's True-Life Adventure series, the 1956 film Secrets of Life features previously rarely-seen film footage of nature's "behind-the-scenes" goings-on that play a huge role in making the planet what it is. From bees to ants and the flora and fauna surrounding us, Secrets of Life reveal a sometimes startling glimpse into nature's wonders that we often take for granted. Accompanied by remarkably appropriate musical selections, viewers find themselves mesmerized by the metamorphosis of air-borne seeds into glorious plants and flowers with the help of time-lapse photography.

Bees are seen as they go about the non-stop business of pollination, giving adage to the saying "busy as a bee." Ants are shown in their various classifications, from workers to warriors to the regal "queen." Countless protozoa are viewed in a single drop of water as the voice-over describes their role in the "big picture" of unseen nature.

The close-ups provide an intimacy which gives these oft-neglected organisms a "face." The folks at Disney once again bring subjects to life that heretofore were neglected.
Genre: Documentary
Audio Languages: English
Duration: 0h 0m
Rating: TBD



Directed By - James Algar

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