True-Life Adventures: Jungle Cat (1960)

Walt Disney's True-Life Adventures: Jungle Cat

True-Life Adventures: Jungle Cat (1960)

TBD 1960
Plot Summary:
This final True-Life Adventure would also appear to be one of the best, as we go into the South American jungle to observe the jaguar.

Jungle Cat is more intimate than its kin, allowing individual animal characters to be developed. Central to the cast is a pair of jaguars (one ebony), whose fighting leads to love and, not long after, two babies (one resembling each parent). As in Lion, other creatures in the area also get sufficiently documented. Among these are curious otters, strange-looking anteaters, crocodiles, flamingoes, lizards, and a number of tropical birds. Naturally, some time is spent with the jaguar family, as the cubs are introduced to bathing and hunting while their elders battle with a pirarucu (a 7-foot "burping" fish) and an equally formidable boa. The secondary personalities are equally compelling: the antics of bratty, mischievous monkeys amuse, as do the appearances of tamarins and one "idiot cousin" whose insatiable appetite for snake-tormenting leads to his demise. Then there are the sloths, who participate in a climactic sequence as suspenseful as anything scripted, sluggishly trying to escape from both an uncharacteristic fall into water and a hungry jaguar. Segments like these certainly justify the "adventure" part of the series' title.
Genre: Documentary
Audio Languages: English
Duration: 0h 0m
Rating: TBD



Directed By - James Algar


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