The Ghosts Of Buxley Hall (1980)

The Ghosts Of Buxley Hall

The Ghosts Of Buxley Hall (1980)

TBD 1980
Plot Summary:
Get ready for high jinks and high spirits as a trio of friendly ghosts scares up a hilariously haunting tale of friendship, bravery, and teamwork. The ghostly residents of 100-year-old Buxley Hall conjure up some supernatural mayhem when the financially strapped school is forced to allow girls into the boys-only academy. Their only hope is 13-year-old Jeremy, a shy cadet who's an heir to a fortune. but when the ghosts learn that the boy's conniving aunt is out to steal Jeremy's inheritance so she can buy the school and demolish it, they charge to the rescue. For the first time on DVD, THE GHOSTS OF BUXLEY HALL is a frightfully fun comedy that will have your family screaming with laughter.
Genre: Action/Drama
Audio Languages: English
Duration: 1h 35m
Rating: TBD

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