The Magnificent Rebel (1962)

The Magnificent Rebel

The Magnificent Rebel (1962)

Not Rated 1962
Plot Summary:
Ludwig van Beethoven has, for over 200 years, reigned as one of music's most gifted geniuses. During the course of his career, he rebelled against Vienna's aristocracy, and the constraints and challenges placed on his talents. Just as he achieved success, his tragic loss of hearing threatened to destroy his career and to even destroy Beethoven himself. then, as he retreated into a world of silence, he met a blind boy who helped change the course of music forever. Shot in and around beautiful Vienna and filled with Beethoven's immortal music, THE MAGNIFICENT REBEL is an engaging historical drama that hits all the right notes.
Genre: Action/Drama
Audio Languages: English
Duration: 1h 41m
Rating: Not Rated


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