Charley And The Angel (1973)

Charley And The Angel

Charley And The Angel (1973)

G 1973
Plot Summary:
Fred MacMurray (in his last Disney movie appearance) stars as Charley Appleby, the owner of a small hardware store during the Great Depression who's so busy with his business that he's neglected his family. When an angel appears and informs him that "his number's up," Charley realizes what's truly important and asks for more time to be with his wife and kids. Soon, he discovers that his sons are unknowingly working for bootleggers, his daughter's eloping and all his wife wants is to go to the Chicago World's Fair. After his family's kidnapped by gangsters, Charley heroically saves the day but tragically gets shot. Is this the end or will the angel give him another chance? Find out in this heavenly mix of comedy, inspiration and family fun.
Audio Languages: English
Duration: 1h 35m
Rating: G


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