Spider-Man: The Return Of The Green Goblin (2002)

Marvel Spider-Man: The Return of the Green Goblin

Spider-Man: The Return Of The Green Goblin (2002)

Not Rated 2002
Plot Summary:
It's double the action, double the thrills, and double the goblins as Spider-Man is unmasked and tangled in a web of treachery in SPIDER-MAN: THE RETURN OF THE GREEN GOBLIN, new to DVD and Video. The Webslinger faces the ultimate challenge when his arch-nemesis discovers his identity and kidnaps his one true love, Mary Jane Watson. The stakes have never been higher as the dreaded Green Goblin tries to take control of the city and bring Spider-Man to his knees. The action gets even hotter when Kingpin and the Hobgoblin join forces in an all-out war with America's greatest crime fighter. It's a world of high-flying excitement you won't want to miss.
Genre: Animation
Audio Languages: English
Duration: 1h 19m
Rating: Not Rated

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