Disney Little Einsteins: The Incredible Shrinking Adventure (2013)

Little Einsteins: Incredible Shrinking Adventure, The

Disney Little Einsteins: The Incredible Shrinking Adventure (2013)

TV-Y 2013
Plot Summary:
Join your favorite little adventurers for a huge mission, and explore an amazing world where sunflowers soar sky-high and tiny ants tower above you! The mission begins when the "Big-And-Small Machine" breaks, turning everybody teensy-weensy! Soon, the team finds that at their small size, even the tiniest objects can become enormous obstacles. It's up to you to help the Little Einsteins find the missing piece and fix the machine so they can make themselves big again. Help Rocket use his morphing powers to play with friendly baby bugs, and finally, discover a mysterious jungle where you'll encounter a newly hatched "Piccolo-Dactyl," a "Bass-A-Saurus Rex" and more tuneful dinosaurs. Packed with music, laughter and surprises, THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING ADVENTURE is gigantic fun for everyone!
Genre: Preschool
Audio Languages: English, Spanish, French
Duration: 1h 36m
Rating: TV-Y

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