Disney Handy Manny: Big Construction Job (2010)

Handy Manny: Big Construction Job

Disney Handy Manny: Big Construction Job (2010)

TV-Y 2010
Plot Summary:
Put on your hard hats and team up with Handy Manny for an action-packed, full-length adventure! Join Manny and his Tools as they head out of town to work on an exciting construction project in Concrete Falls. Meanwhile, back in Sheet Rock Hills, Mr. Lopart tries to fill in for Manny -- with hilarious results! Can Kelly convince Manny to come home and save the day? Introducing supercharged power tools "Jack" and "Spinner," 3 great new songs and a wonderful message about the rewards of taking on new challenges of every size, BIG CONSTRUCTION JOB is fully loaded with tons of fun for everyone!
Genre: Preschool
Audio Languages: English, Spanish, French
Duration: 1h 7m
Rating: TV-Y

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